CNC Simulator Pro

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12.2.26. The CAM menu

The context menu in SimCam includes a CAM sub-menu, which is available only for milling and cutting projects. This sub-menu offers shortcuts to common operations, making it more convenient for users to perform tasks.
When clicking on an object that is part of a closed contour, the CAM menu displays three alternatives: [Pocket], [Contour], and [Engrave].
However, when clicking on an object that is part of a non-closed contour, the menu shows only [Contour] and [Engrave].
The pocket function in the CAM sub-menu streamlines the process of creating a pocket by prompting you for some values and options. This serves as a quick and efficient way to generate a pocket in your project.
The following window allows you to select the direction and tool side while simultaneously displaying a preview of the toolpath.
Upon clicking the Done button, a pocket toolpath layer will be generated. If necessary, you can open the parameters for this layer to fine-tune the operation further.
The Contour function allows you to create a contour milling operation in a similar manner.
In some cases, you may want to cut all objects on the layer with the same tool and parameters, such as when engraving an imported image. In these instances, use the Engrave function, which creates toolpaths for all objects using the parameters you specify.
For greater control over directions and the order of cutting operations, use the "Tracker" to manually define your toolpath contours.