CNC Simulator Pro

user guide

11.25. Project files

A Project File serves as a comprehensive snapshot that stores all relevant information, including your CNC code, SimCam document, settings, tools, workpieces, and more. It acts like a time machine, enabling you to return to the exact state of your simulator at the moment the file was saved. Project Files are also invaluable for the support team, as they can request these files to expedite troubleshooting and swiftly resolve issues.
Upon loading a project file, your current settings and items in the Inventory Browser are temporarily substituted with those from the project file. To revert to your original settings and items, select "Unload Project File" in the menu without exiting the program. To serve as a reminder that a project file is loaded, the bottom toolbar will appear red until the project is unloaded.
To ensure you don't lose any important data, create a backup of your settings and inventory prior to loading a project file.