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11.19. Blockscript for customizations

Advanced users who want to do customizations like plug-ins and custom postprocessors should have a look at this.
In version 3.0, we implemented a built-in Blockscript editor in the simulator. Blockscript is a graphical language specifically made to enable customizations in the CNC Simulator Pro environment.
You can download the Blockscript documentation from this link.
Note! It's essential to note that Blockscript is not officially considered a part of the main product, and as such, it is not covered by our standard program support. While it can be a useful tool for advanced programming, it requires a high degree of skill and familiarity with programming concepts.
We strongly advise that only users who feel comfortable with advanced programming and are willing to invest significant time and effort into trial and error attempts to use Blockscript. It is a complex and powerful tool that requires a thorough understanding of programming principles to use effectively.
While we recognize the value that Blockscript can bring to certain programming applications, we want to ensure that our users understand the challenges associated with its use. Ultimately, the decision to use Blockscript should be made with careful consideration of the potential benefits and drawbacks and an honest assessment of one's own programming skills and experience.