CNC Simulator Pro

user guide

5.3. Proxy

If your computer connects to the Internet via another computer/ server (a proxy), you will have to specify its address in order for CNC Simulator Pro to be able to connect to our server.
Please note that the support cannot help you with these settings. You need to contact the technician in charge of your internal network to get help with the proxy server settings.
If you get an error at start saying that CNC Simulator Pro cannot contact the server, read this:
You could have a firewall installed that only let traffic through to sites previously approved by a network technician. It's possible that all your traffic is going through a proxy server and that you will have to configure the settings for the proxy server in CNC Simulator (you will get a chance to do that if the startup fails). This can also occur if you have an unreliable internet connection, such as a weak Wi-Fi signal. In any case, if you can't solve the problem yourself, you will need to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or, if you are at an institution or a company, the network technician or the person in charge of the internal network.
Ensure that your firewall software allows traffic from the cncsimulator.exe file to the server on port 80 by creating a rule or exception. This is crucial, as it's one of the most common reasons for startup failures. Without this permission, CNC Simulator Pro won't be able to check its license by 'phoning home'.