CNC Simulator Pro

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12.2.38. Drawing Templates

You can set a drawing template in SimCam.
You can add and remove a drawing template to your SimCam documents.
We provide some example templates in the Templates installation subfolder.
When you have loaded a template into your SimCam document, it will appear as a separate layer in the layers panel.
This is a special type of layer that cannot be made visible or enabled. The template will only be visible when you print your drawing (or do a print preview).
As you can see, a template contains form fields. You can fill them in by clicking the gear button on the template layer.
Here you can also set a fixed drawing scale or choose to let SimCam automatically scale the part to fit the page.
In this zoomed-in picture, we can see the fields filled out.
You can add your own customized templates as well. If you choose to do so, we encourage you to change the folder to one outside of the CNC Simulator Pro installation folder, as you otherwise risk having your files overwritten the next time you update the simulator.
In the program settings, under the Files & Folders tab, you can set the folder for your templates.
To draw your own template, use the line tool to create it in the size and style you prefer. Then place two (exactly two) points on the document to define the drawing area of the template.
The last step is to add text fields. When you want a field to appear in the field list (the one that shows when you click the gear button on the template layer), you need to put an at sign (@) in front of it.
The picture shows three customizable text fields: Company, Address, and Country. The template user will be able to set the values for these three fields.
To create a static (fixed) text label in a template, just omit the at sign (@).
Tips! Be creative; for example, you can add your own logo to the template by using the Background Bitmap feature.