CNC Simulator Pro

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12.2.24. Stepping

When an operation is too deep to be done in one cut, you can divide the cuts into several cutting layers using the Stepping function. Consider the following simple part:
The slot is very deep and might damage the machine or the tool.
Let's use the Stepping function to divide the cut into several cuts at descending Z levels.
Open the parameters for the contour cut layer and click on the Stepping tab.
Click the Use Stepping checkbox to enable stepping.
You can either accept the calculated default values or enter your own.
The contour cuts will now be repeated at descending depths, reducing strain on the machine/tool.
Please note that the actual values depend on many factors like machine quality and strength, workpiece material, workpiece finish and tolerance, type of tool, and economy.
The same part with Stepping activated: We have used the cutting function in the CNC Simulator Pro to cut the front off, so you can see the toolpaths better.
Ramping and Stepping can be combined. See Ramping.