CNC Simulator Pro

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12.2.13. Dimensions

Adding text and dimensions to your drawings is possible through the SimCam main menu.
For Linear dimensions, click [Linear] in the [Dimension] menu, then select the two endpoints of your dimension.
As you move the cursor, you'll see a rubber-band preview of the dimension. Adjust the cursor until the direction and location are correct.
Angular dimensions require clicking on two lines,
while Radial dimensions involve clicking on an arc followed by the position for the arrow.
For circles, switch to diametric by pressing the space-bar on the keyboard.
Dimensions are groups of individual texts and lines.
To edit the location of a text or line, break apart the group into its components. However, note that there is no way to revert a broken dimension back to its original state.
Once broken apart, you can move and edit the components as needed.
Dimension objects (not broken apart) have properties that can be accessed by double-clicking the dimension or selecting [Modify] - [Properties] - [Open] from its context menu.
The Dimension Properties dialog lets you customize arrow styles, colors, and line styles.
Adjust the overall scale factor for all dimensions in your drawing using the "Document Wide Dimensioning Scale Factor." You can also copy and paste dimension properties to avoid opening the properties for each dimension when changing multiple dimensions.
Remember that default settings can be adjusted from the Settings menu in CNC Simulator Pro.