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  • 12. SimCam

12. SimCam

SimCam, an integrated CAD/CAM system within CNC Simulator Pro, enables users to create CNC programs for lathe, milling, and cutter machines by designing contours and specifying CNC operation layers. As you work within SimCam, a CNC program is automatically generated based on your design. Becoming proficient in SimCam can greatly streamline your future CNC projects. For tutorials and examples, visit The CNC Academy page on our website.
Key Features of SimCam:
1. Guide Objects: SimCam offers guide objects such as lines, points, and circles to aid in precise and accurate drawing. These guides help you create contours with ease and interact with each other to automatically generate snap points, making the drawing process smooth and efficient.
2. Contours: Contours are the geometrical definitions that allow SimCam to create CNC code. Adding contours is as simple as clicking on snap points or guide objects, and a helpful tracker tool guides you through the process.
3. Layers: SimCam organizes your work into layers, with each layer representing a CNC operation. You can define the type of operation (contour, pocket, drilling, or text) and set the parameters for each layer to create a comprehensive CNC program.
4. Automatic CNC Code Generation: As you work within SimCam, a CNC program is generated automatically. This means you can focus on designing and refining your project without getting bogged down in manual coding.
5. Learning Resources: To help you master SimCam, The CNC Academy page on our website offers tutorials and examples to guide you through the learning process.