CNC Simulator Pro

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11.21. Simplify CNC programs

Under the Tools – Misc menu, you can find a powerful function called Simplify CNC Program. This feature analyzes your CNC code and breaks down each cycle, subprogram, macro, and other codes to its simplest form. By doing so, the Simplify CNC Program function creates a highly compatible program by converting any code that can be broken down into the most common codes shared by most CNC machines and controllers like G00, G01, G02, G03, and more.
While this process can result in a longer program, it ensures that your code is highly compatible and can be run on a wide range of CNC machines and controllers. However, we recognize that some drilling cycles may already be compatible with the simulator, so there may be no need for simplification. To address this, we've included a setting in the program settings Misc. page that allows you to exclude specific codes from the simplification process.
Overall, the Simplify CNC Program function is a powerful tool that can help ensure maximum compatibility for your CNC programs. By breaking down complex codes into their simplest form, you can create a highly compatible program that can be used with ease across a variety of machines and controllers. And with the ability to exclude specific codes from the simplification process, you can tailor the feature to your specific needs and requirements.