CNC Simulator Pro

user guide

5.6. Misc

Enable Jog Controller on com port
Click on the switch button to enable an external Jog controller that talks to CNC Simulator Pro via the serial com port.
See the following link for a tutorial on how you can create your own Arduino based Jog Controller.
Larger Editor Font
If you find the text in the editor too small, you can activate this feature.
View Line numbers in Editor
When activated, the editor will show line numbers to the left of each line. These are simply a numeration for the lines in the editor and are not to be confused with block numbers.
Save Pause points
When this setting is enabled, any pause points you have set in the editor will be saved along with the CNC program. Please note that this will insert special tags in the code. If you open the CNC file in another text editor these will be visible.
SimCam Workspace
You can define a workspace (for example, your machine limits) that will be shown in the background on your SimCam drawings.
Suggest backplotting for huge CNC programs
When working with very large CNC programs (thousands of CNC blocks), the simulation will take a long time.
In those cases, you might want to use the fast backplotting function that only creates toolpaths.
Activate this option if you want the simulator to suggest this when you are about to simulate a huge program.
Simplify Curves
When curves are imported, they can generate many small segments making the CNC program very large. With this setting, you can have them simplified to a set angle deviation. This means that if two consequent lines have an angle difference smaller than the set value, they will be imported as one line.
Max objs in Groups for Snap points
Set the maximum number of objects that can be in a Group for it to have snap points.
Clear large toolpaths to conserve memory
If you have a computer with a small amount of RAM memory and you are simulating very large programs, use this setting to prevent out-of-memory errors.
Codes that should not be simplified
Here you can put in codes that should not be simplified by the function “Simplify CNC program” in the Tools – Misc menu. You should separate the codes with a semicolon and add an exclamation mark to those codes that are modal and will be canceled with G80.