CNC Simulator Pro

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  • 4. The Inventory Browser

4. The Inventory Browser

The Inventory Browser is the dialog where you create and store all your virtual workpieces, tools, materials, and zero points (offsets).
To open the Inventory Browser, press F2 or click SettingsInventory in the main menu.
You can also click on the Inventory button at the bottom of the window.
When you start the Inventory Browser the first time, it will be empty, and you will have to start creating the items you need for your simulations. Keep in mind though, that CNC Simulator Pro has embedded tools, materials, and workpieces for demonstration purposes. These can also be used by the user.
At the top of the dialog, you find tabs to switch between pages in the browser. The first page is for milling and turning tools, followed by Mill Workpieces, Lathe Workpieces, Materials, and Zero Points.