CNC Simulator Pro

user guide


On the Performance page, you can adjust graphical settings to find the right balance between performance and graphics fidelity. There are shortcut buttons located under the settings that provide predefined configurations for different computer performance types.
Environment mapping
Shows reflections of a virtual environment on reflective surfaces.
Planar reflections
Renders an inverted reflected image under the machine.
Set to enable or disable the rendering of shadows.
Shaded graphics
If this setting is turned off, a more basic flat looking version of the machine is rendered for better performance.
Workpiece textures
When enabled, workpieces will be rendered with material textures.
Machine textures
When enabled, textures are rendered on machine parts.
Draw transparent parts
When this setting is disabled, transparent parts like windows will not be rendered.
Model tools
When disabled, a basic cylinder will be drawn instead of a more complex tool shape.
Constantly update XYZ display
When enabled, the X, Y, and Z display values are updated constantly instead of once per block. Keep disabled to improve performance.