CNC Simulator Pro

user guide

1.2.1. Turbo simulator

CNC Simulator Pro is mainly made for simulating hand-written shorter programs. When using CAD/ CAM software for milling 3D models, sometimes you end up with a program that is hundreds of thousands of blocks long. These programs do not normally contain canned cycles, sub-program, macros, etc. They are usually made up of thousands of small linear line segments. Such programs are not suitable for the normal simulator as it would take a very long time to simulate them. For these huge programs, you can either use the very quick Fast Backplotting function if you want to see only the toolpaths or the Turbo Simulator. You can find the Turbo Simulator in the Simulate menu.
The simulator shows the workpiece, the tool, and the toolpaths but has no machine model or materials for maximum performance.
At the bottom of the Turbo Simulator Window, you can find a Simulation Speed slider. Drag it to the right to increase speed. At max speed, it is extremely fast and can simulate thousands of blocks per second. To the right of the Simulation Speed slider, you can select if you want to see the Workpiece, the Toolpaths, or both. You can rotate, zoom, and pan the view just as you do with the normal simulation window. Remember that this simulator does not support the full G-code set but rather a smaller subset with the most general G-codes. For normal programs, use the common simulator.