CNC Simulator Pro

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4.4. Materials

Materials define the visual aspect of the workpiece, such as colors, transparency, etc. Materials can have one base color and one top layer color (a thin layer at the top as if it was painted or laminated).
To add a new material, click the Add New button, fill out the fields and select colors using the color selectors. If you want a separate top layer color, check the Use separate top layer color checkbox and select the top layer color using the first color selector.
The Price/ kilo field is a value for material price used by the Analyze CNC program tool.
The Weight field is used by the Workpiece Weight panel, which can be displayed during the simulation.
In the Material Style section, you can select how your workpiece should be rendered on screen.
To browse embedded materials, check the Browse embedded checkbox.
You can copy either individual or all the embedded materials to your own material registry by clicking the "Copy to My materials" or "Copy all".
With the Feeds And Speeds calculator, you can calculate estimated values for F (feeds) and S (speeds) in your program. For more information, see Feeds and speeds calculator.
Also, note that you can insert materials from the Inventory Browser directly in the editor by clicking the Insert at cursor button. This will create a $UseMaterial or a $UseEmbeddedMaterial command that overrides the material preselected for the workpiece in use.