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  • 8. Serial communication

8. Serial communication

Sending and receiving CNC code to and from your machine is possible using the serial interface (RS232). However, to do this, you will need a serial connector on your computer or a USB to RS232 adapter, as well as a working serial cable connected to your machine.
Please note that serial communication is an advanced topic that requires the soldering of a special cable (as different machines use different connections and cable layouts), as well as the proper setting of communication parameters on both the PC and the machine side. As we do not provide support for cable or setting-related issues, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of an experienced technician if you are setting up serial communication for the first time.
Your machine dealer can also provide you with information on how to purchase or make the necessary cable for PC-machine communication.
Once you have everything set up, you can easily send and receive CNC code using the 'Send via serial port' and 'Receive via serial port' options located in the File menu.
The settings for the serial communication are reached from the Settings menu.
Here you can set a lot of parameters that will affect the communication.