CNC Simulator Pro

user guide

5.5. Files & Folders

On the Files & Folders page, you find settings where you want to store your CNC programs, custom extensions, your SimCam files, machines, and the default folder for importing DXF files, among other settings.
When you click File Open CNC Program in the main menu, you have three options:
The first option: User Program, takes you to the folder defined in the CNC User Files Folder setting.
The second option: Demo Program, takes you to the demo program folder for the machine currently loaded.
The third option: Machine built-in demo opens the default fixed built-in demo program in the machine.
If you want to be able to load CNC programs that do not use the default extensions *.CNC or *.NC, you will have to specify their extension under Custom extensions.
Under the SimCam User Files Folder settings, you can specify the folders you want to use for your SimCam files.
Note! CNC Simulator Pro uses pure text files, which are similar to the ones used by Notepad. This means that the files can be opened and edited using any text editor program. The advantage of using pure text files is that they are easy to read and modify, even with basic text editors. This makes it convenient to create and edit CNC programs in CNC Simulator Pro.