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12.2.16. Snap Points

In SimCam, snap points play a crucial role in facilitating your drawing process. Snap points are automatically added at various locations, such as intersections, centers, start points, tangential points, and extreme points, to assist with precision and alignment.
Some examples:
At an intersection.
At a circle extreme point.
At a tangential point.
At a circle center.
Temporary snap points are also created in SimCam to further assist you in drawing. These snap points are generated relative to the initial point you clicked, such as a line start point or a circle center. For instance, if you click a line start point, tangential temporary snap points will appear on all circles, and 90-degree (as well as 45 and -45 degrees) angle snap points will appear on all lines. These temporary snap points represent SimCam's attempt to anticipate your next action. They can be helpful, for example, when you want to end a line by making it tangential to an arc. Even if you don't need them, these temporary snap points won't interfere with your drawing process.
Some examples of temporary snap points when the startpoint of a line is set:
Some examples of temporary snap points when the center point of a circle is set:
Located at the bottom of the SimCam window, there are checkboxes that enable you to toggle the visibility of specific snap points on and off as needed.
These are End (Endpoints), Cen (Center points), Mid (Midpoints), Int (Intersections), Tan (Tangential points), Ext (Extreme points), Dis (Disable all snaps), Ang (Snap to angles 0, 45, 90, etc.).
Keep in mind that there may be instances when you want the mouse to avoid snapping to a snap point while still keeping it enabled. To temporarily ignore all snap points, simply hold down the Control button on your keyboard.