CNC Simulator Pro

user guide

11.24. The Game

We've created a small game that can be found in the "Just for Fun" machine folder as a virtual machine. This game is designed for beginners and students who are learning fundamental G-codes, such as G01, G02, and G03. It serves as an engaging way to help users grasp the concepts of X/Y coordinates and master the creation of linear movements and arc-based motions.
Educators can utilize this game as an entertaining way to introduce students to CNC concepts.
The objective of the game is to navigate the small red car around the track until it is securely parked in the garage. Helpful road signs are placed along the track to guide you.
Focusing on the details, the blue sign on the left indicates that we should move to X0 Y55 coordinates.
So we write: G01 X0 Y55.
At this point, it's evident that a 90-degree right turn with a radius of 15 is required.
To achieve this, we input the command: G02 X15 Y70 R15.
Have you ever encountered a car controlled by CNC programming before?