CNC Simulator Pro

user guide

11.15. Large (or huge) programs

The primary focus of CNC Simulator Pro is to provide users with a comprehensive simulator that accurately mimics the functionality of CNC machines. We have invested significant effort in ensuring that our simulations are as true-to-life as possible, providing users with an authentic and immersive experience.
However, we recognize that users who work with particularly large programs - tens of thousands of blocks or more - may not benefit from a realistic simulator, as it can take hours to simulate through such programs. In these cases, a faster backplotting software may be a more practical solution.
To address this, we have included a built-in fast backplotting function within CNC Simulator Pro. This powerful tool can create toolpaths from 50,000 blocks or more in an instant, allowing users to quickly zoom, pan, and rotate their toolpath as needed. It is designed specifically for milling programs and supports a limited set of G and M-codes.
It's important to note that the fast backplotting function does not support subprograms or cycles. Users can access the function by navigating to the Simulate option in the menu. To optimize performance, we recommend using the backplotter with one of our unlimited machines or with graphics turned off.
Overall, the inclusion of a fast backplotting function in CNC Simulator Pro provides users with a powerful tool to manage large programs efficiently, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their CNC programming experience.
123,000 blocks example.