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12.2.19. Pocket Milling

Pocket definition and examples

In SimCam, a "pocket" refers to an area with defined borders where material is removed. The term may be confusing because the border can be entirely or partially outside the material, making it invisible in the final part.
Here are some examples that are considered pocket operations in SimCam:
Common closed pocket. All borders are inside the workpiece.
Open pocket with one border outside of the workpiece.
Open pocket with no visible borders on the workpiece: Although the finished part may not resemble a traditional "pocket," the pocketing function in SimCam is still utilized in this scenario.
Closed pocket with one island.
Open pocket with no visible borders and one island.
Pockets can feature multiple islands, and you can even combine pockets to create islands with internal pockets, and so on.
Part made with a combination of four pocket operations.
The layers for the above part look like this:
As demonstrated, pockets are quite versatile, even when they don't always resemble what you might typically think of as a pocket!