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Index Threading

For threading layers, a contour isn't required. Instead, only the start and endpoint are needed.
Similar to Rough cutting, you must add two points to the layer that define the "operation window". If you're unsure about how to do this, please refer to the roughing section.
Thread Depth: The total depth of the thread.
Step Depth: Depth of each threading pass.
Pitch: The pitch of the thread.
These three parameters are the most important for the simulator. For in-depth information on each parameter, consider searching for "G76 threading cycle" on Google, where you'll find numerous pages explaining them in detail.
Special note: To achieve a visually appealing thread when simulating, you can temporarily increase the resolution. Add the special command $OverrideBufferQualitySetting 8 at the top of the CNC code for better resolution (though this will result in slower simulation speed).