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12.2.34. Create prefabricated workpieces for lathes

There are two approaches for creating pre-shaped workpieces for lathe machines.
The first approach involves turning the workpiece to the desired shape, then saving it using the Save Workpiece option found under Misc in the Tools menu. Before saving, you can flip the workpiece using the Flip or Rotate Workpiece option, also under Misc in the Tools menu, which is useful if you plan to work on the backside of the part.
When you save the workpiece shape file, you'll be prompted to create a new workpiece in the registry using this pre-shaped file. Generally, choose Yes to save time. Note that with this method, you won't be able to change the workpiece buffer resolution during simulations, so simulate at the desired resolution beforehand.
The second approach involves drawing the desired shape as a SimCam contour and then selecting [Prefab] from the contour popup menu.
In a blank SimCam document, create a new layer with No operation.
Draw a contour with the desired workpiece shape, extending it to zero on the Z-axis.
Click on the contour and select [Prefab] from the menu.
Save the prefab file and create a new workpiece in the registry.
Open the Inventory Browser (F2) and click the Lathe Workpieces tab. Your new workpiece will be the last one in the list. Note that there is no preview for workpieces created this way.
You can now use the workpiece for simulations or as a stock workpiece in SimCam.
A comparison of the two methods:
Method one:
Pros: This technique allows for the creation of workpieces with holes and any other manufacturable shape.
Cons: The resolution cannot be altered after the fact, and the process requires more effort since a CNC program must be generated.
Method two:
Pros: This approach enables quick and straightforward contour creation in SimCam for the desired shape, and it allows for resolution adjustments in the resulting workpieces.
Cons: This method is limited to outer contours and cannot be used to create hollow pieces.