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6.1.3. G76 Threading Cycle

Threads can be done externally or internally with this two block threading canned cycle. Here is a brief explanation of the cycle and its parameters.
The parameters of the first block are:
P: This parameter is composed of three values that control the thread behavior.
In the example above, we have P010060. Let's take the numbers apart.
01: Number of spring cuts. This means when done with the thread cuts, the machine can be programmed to take a number of extra cuts at the same depth to smooth the final thread.
00: Run out angle. The angle used to leave the thread.
60: Infeed angle. The angle used when entering the thread.
Q: Depth of each normal cut. This value is given in hundreds, so the Q500 above means 0.5.
R: Depth of last or finish cut.
The parameters of the second block are:
X: End value in the X-axis.
Z: End value in the Z-axis.
P: Thread depth (radial value).
Q: Depth of first cut.
F: Thread pitch.
Note! CNC Simulator Pro simplifies the threading process by disregarding some of the parameters that are not essential for simulation. The important parameters for the simulator include:
To see the threading cycle in action, you can run the "Sample4_G76_Threading_units.cnc" program included in the demo programs.