CNC Simulator Pro

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11.20. Built-in CNC-codes help information

In the Help menu of our software, you'll find a Machine Info and Codes option. By selecting this item, you will be presented with critical information about the currently loaded machine, including the supported CNC codes. This resource is especially useful when working with customized machines, as the G- and M-codes in our online help documentation may not be identical to those used by the customized machine.
The Machine Info and Codes window is divided into tabs that correspond to the specific machine type you have selected, providing you with clear and concise information on the supported codes. This information can help you quickly identify potential errors or inconsistencies in your program and ensure that you're using the correct codes for your particular machine.
Overall, the Machine Info and Codes option is an essential resource for any user of our software, but it is especially crucial for those working with customized machines. By providing clear and concise information on the supported CNC codes for your specific machine, this tool can help streamline your programming process and ensure that your programs are accurate and efficient.
You can keep this window open when you work in CNC Simulator Pro. It is convenient to have it open as a reference, especially if you are a beginner on this particular machine.