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Index Grooving

The grooving operation is used to cut grooves into the workpiece. Grooves can either be a single cut operation or cut along a contour.
When cutting grooves along a contour, just as with Rough cutting, you'll need a contour and two points added to the layer to define the "operation window". If you're unsure about how to do this, please refer to the  roughing section.
Grooving type: Choose between a single groove cut or cutting along a contour.
To X: If you select a single groove cut, enter the desired diameter for the cut here.
Tool overlap %: If cutting along a contour, specify the tool overlap in percentage.
Clearance: Enter the amount of clearance to the final contour. This value is typically set to save some stock material for the final fine cut.
Cut along axis: Specify along which axis SimCam will perform the cuts.