CNC Simulator Pro

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12.2.5. Edit Lines

Guide lines can be modified in various ways, including moving, rotating, and altering their order sequence. To access the editing menu, simply click on the desired line.
Both moving and rotating operations utilize the line's origin point, which is the starting point you designated when creating the line.
To move a line, choose [Modify] - [Move] from the menu and click on the desired new position.
By holding down the SHIFT key while clicking on the new position, you can create a duplicate of the line at the new location, preserving the original line.
To rotate a line, opt for [Modify] - [Rotate] from the menu and select the desired angle.
By selecting [Order], you can adjust the arrangement of lines in relation to other objects, determining which lines should be in front or behind.
To change the order, select [Modify] - [Order] in the menu and select one of the options in the sub-menu.
Press and hold CTRL for an angle increment of 5 degrees, and hold SHIFT if you wish to create a duplicate at the new angle while retaining the original line. The rotation's center will be the line's origin point.
An alternative method for moving a guide line is to click on it with the left mouse button and drag it to the desired position. Additionally, holding down the SHIFT key while dragging allows you to create a new copy.
Drawing lines offer even more options for manipulation and editing.
Additionally, be aware that when you click on a drawing object (line, arc, or circle), it becomes active and displays handlebars.
By clicking and dragging these handlebars, you can move only the starting or ending point of the line.
A single click on these handles will also reveal a pop-up menu containing frequently used functions.
The available options in this menu will vary based on the actions feasible for that specific point. For instance, if the point is at a corner, options to round or chamfer the corner will be displayed.
The pop-up menu provides access to various functions, including fillets, chamfers, trims, extensions, rotations, radius adjustments, and property settings.