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12.2.30. Setting Parameters for operations

Each contour layer has a gear button for configuring its parameters. Clicking it opens the Cutting Operation Parameters dialog, which can also be accessed by double-clicking on the layers panel.
In the top right corner, you'll find the Type selector, where you can choose the operation type: contour, drilling, pocket, or text.
This should be the first thing you set for a new toolpath/contour layer.
It's helpful to name the layer so that you can easily locate the operation in the CNC program. By default, all layer names will appear in parentheses before each operation in the CNC code.
Before selecting any other parameters, ensure that the operation type is set.
Once a layer has a type other than "No operation," the CNC code will be output for that layer.
The basic parameters are:
Save for fine cut.
This will leave a specified distance for a fine cut. For instance, with a 6mm diameter tool and the tool side of the contour set to the left, the tool will move 3mm to the left of the contour. Setting "Save for fine cut" to 1 will move the tool 4mm to the left.
Transport Height.
Set the height for the tool to move when repositioning with fast traverse to another location. Ensure the height is greater than the workpiece (or any other objects on the machine table) to avoid collisions.
Cutting Level Z.
Set the cutting depth of the operation. Ensure it is higher than the machine table and lower than the workpiece top.
Feed XY.
Input the feed rate in mm/min or inch/min (depending on the units setting) for all movements in the XY-plane.
Feed Z.
Input the feed rate in mm/min or inch/min (depending on the units setting) for all movements in the Z-axis.
Spindle RPM.
Enter the spindle revolutions per minute (RPM) value here.
Activate this if you want to output code for coolant water for the operation in the CNC program.
Spindle direction.
Controls the spindle direction for the operation, either clockwise or counterclockwise.
To set the current values as favorite values, click this button.
To recall previously saved favorite values, click this button.
For more parameters, see: