CNC Simulator Pro

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11.17. Special commands for compatibility with legacy software


For milling, we support the following special legacy commands:

STOCK/BLOCK, Length, Width, Height, Origin X, Origin Y, Origin Z (defines the workpiece).
FROM/ X start, Y start, Z start (set start position).
TOOL/MILL, Diameter, Corner radius, Height, Taper Angle (defines tool, corner radius is only used if it is a full radius ball mill (corner radius = diameter/2) and taper angle is not used.
TOOL/CRMILL, Diameter1, Diameter2, Radius, Height, Length (partly supported, tool will not have a radius between D1 and D2).
TOOL/CHAMFER, Diameter, Point Angle, Height, Chamfer Length (partly supported, chamfer length is ignored, and the tool will look like a drill).
TOOL/DRILL, Diameter, Point Angle, Height.
TOOL/CDRILL, D1, A1, L, D2, A2, H (Only slightly supported, a drill-looking tool will be created).
COLOR,R,G,B (sets color of milling surface).
Demonstration part using the color command.

For turning, we support the following special commands:

Please note that any tool definition must come after the stock definition.
FROM/Z start, X start
The tool commands currently create simplified versions of the tools, ignoring, for example, the noose radius.
This example demonstrates setting up the stock material, the start position, and the tool insert using the legacy commands. It also demonstrates the G70 and G71 canned cycles and the Fanuc style U(X) and W(Z) incremental coordinate letters.