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  • 13. SimCloud

13. SimCloud

Introduced with version 3.0, the SimCloud feature provides users with the capacity to upload files to a cloud-based storage system. Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, these files can be set as either Private or Public, and can even be shared via generated links.
SimCloud accommodates two types of files: CNC files and SimCam files.
To upload a CNC program to the cloud, navigate to the File menu, and select Save CNC Program in the Cloud under the Cloud option.
An automatic thumbnail screenshot will be created. Complete the information regarding your CNC file and designate the level of access required.
The access levels are as follows:
A SimCam file can be uploaded following a similar process.
To browse private and public files, click on Cloud Browser under Cloud in the File menu.
This action will open a webpage displaying your cloud files.
A button located at the top of the page allows you to toggle between Private and Public files.
A search function is also available to quickly locate files.
Clicking on a filename will bring up a detailed page for that file.
From this page, you can open the file or copy a shareable link to the clipboard. This link can be used to access both Private and Public files.
If you receive a Cloud link, you can open it via the "Open Cloud Link" option under Cloud in the File menu.
Simply paste the link and select OK.
Please note that while SimCloud is a free service provided to our users, we cannot guarantee the integrity of your files. We strongly advise maintaining backups and refraining from uploading sensitive or confidential material. Please use respectful language and avoid uploading any content that could be perceived as offensive. Offensive material will result in the blocking of the user account.
For public files, please be aware that our staff will review all uploads. If a file is deemed not to contribute value to other users (for example, if someone uploads one of our example files), its access will be changed to private. Only files deemed useful to the wider user community will be allowed to remain public.