CNC Simulator Pro

user guide

4.5. Zero Points

You can use G92 to change the current zero point from the program, and you can also call zero points from the zero point registry, see below. At the 3D simulation screen, you will always see the machine zero point and the programmed zero point as visual symbols. Note that the machine zero point is by default located in the lower left corner of the table on milling machines. When the simulator has started up, or after you press the Reset button, the programmed zero point is reset to the machine zero point (hence you will see just one symbol).
Zero points or workpiece offsets, as they often are called, are used to reposition the origin point in a CNC program. CNC Simulator Pro has 100 offsets that you can predefine and call from your programs. The first 6 (index 0 – 5) are used by the G54 – G59 codes. To define an offset, click on it in the table and then fill out the X, Y, and Z zero values.
If you want to select zero point offset number 3 from your program, simply write G57.
If you want to select an offset with a higher index than 5, use the command G54.1 P[index].
Also, note that you can insert zero points from the Inventory Browser directly in the editor by selecting it and clicking the Insert at cursor button.