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Welcome to the online help for CNC Simulator Pro. Our aim with the software is to provide the CNC community with a contemporary CNC Simulator containing the most common CNC machine types as virtual machines. We want to offer a great tool for CNC operators and CNC students around the world, where CNC code can be tested in a safe 3D simulated environment.
It is important for you as a user to be aware that the simulator, in its standard configuration, is not machine or controller specific. It will not be 100% compatible with your machine, which is not our goal as there are just too many controllers on the market, all with their own dialect of the CNC programming language (G-code). We strive to make the simulator as compatible as possible with as many CNC controllers as we can. Still it is your responsibility to make sure that the programs you create and simulate in our simulator will be compatible with your CNC controller before running them in a real machine. That will, many times, involve manual editing of the CNC code so that the program will work correctly in your machine. The same thing goes the other way. When simulating a CNC program that works fine in your machine, it will probably need changes before running correctly in the simulator.
Despite its name, CNC Simulator Pro is so much more than just a great CNC simulator. It is also a contemporary CAD/ CAM system, an advanced CNC programming editor, a 3D model milling software, a gear creator, a training tool, and much more. Over the years, CNC Simulator Pro has become a whole suite of combined software tools for CNC enthusiasts!