CNCSimulator Pro

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11.23. Vises

In most milling machines, you can add a vise to the machine table. CNCSimulator Pro comes with a set of vises that has collision detection. This means that you will get an alarm if the simulator detects that your tool collides with the vise.
To add a vise to the machine table, click Tools - Misc - Vise - Add Vise...
You will be presented with a file browser window that lets you select the vise you want to use.
Please note that not all vises fit in all machines. The larges ones do not fit in the smallest machines, for example. You will get an error message if you try to load a too big vise.
Each vise has two variants, one cross-table variant and one that is aligned with the table.
If you click on a vise in the list, you will see information about it in the panel to the right.
When you load a vise the simulator will automatically center the workpiece you add. It will also automatically adjust the zeropoint.
Consider the following example:
We are loading the embedded workpiece number 4 with the displacement parameters X22, Y20, and Z50.
As we have a vise loaded, the X and Y parameters will be ignored and instead the workpiece will be centered in the vise.
The Z parameter is controlling the height of the workpiece in the vise. If this value is bigger than the max height for the vise, it will be changed to that value by the simulator. In the picture below we can also see that the zeropoint has been automatically moved to the lower-left corner of the workpiece.
The location of the vise on the table is preprogrammed and cannot be changed.
If you want the zeropoint at another location you can get help with that using the Zeropoint helper.