CNCSimulator Pro

user guide

11.24. The Game

We have made a little game that is stored as a virtual machine in the "Just for fun" machine folder. It is aimed at beginners and students that are learning the basic G-codes like G01, G02, and G03. It will help the user to understand X/Y coordinates and how to create linear movements as well as move along arcs.
Teachers can use this game as a fun introduction to CNC.
Your aim is to drive the little red car around the track until it is safely parked in the garage. The road signs along the track will help you.
Let us zoom in.
The blue sign to the left shows us that we should move to X0 Y55.
So we write: G01 X0 Y55.
Now we can see that we should make a 90 degree turn to the right with radius 15.
So we write: G02 X15 Y70 R15.
Have you ever seen a CNC driven car before?