CNCSimulator Pro

user guide

11.15. Large (or huge) programs

The main purpose of CNCSimulator Pro is to be just what the name implies; a simulator. We put a lot of effort into making the simulations as realistic as possible. Users who work with huge programs (tens of thousands of blocks) will not benefit from a realistic simulator as it will take hours to simulate through such programs. The most practical solution for huge programs is not a realistic simulator but a fast backplotting software.
In CNCSimulator Pro we have built-in a fast backplotting function. It creates toolpaths from 50.000 blocks or more in an instant letting you zoom, pan and rotate your toolpath. It is only made for milling programs and with a limited set of G and M-codes. For example, subprograms and cycles are not supported by the fast backplotting function. You find it under Simulate in the menu.
It is most convenient to use the backplotter with one of the unlimited machines or with the graphics turned off.
123,000 blocks sample.