CNCSimulator Pro

user guide

3.3. Built-in Tutorials

Simulator tutorials are built-in tutorials that you can run directly in the simulator 3D window. You find them under the help menu item “Run Tutorial”.
When you start a simulator tutorial, you will see messages and questions at the bottom of the 3D view. You will also see contour lines, arrows and a grid coordinate system. Be careful to read the instructions for each tutorial, so you understand what to enter.

General rules for the tutorials

1. You need to enter G-codes for each block where we ask you to move the tool. This is true, even if the G-code you have entered in the previous block is the same as the current one. They always have to be repeated.
2. You do not have to worry about entering upper case or lower case characters and other formatting. For example, these two blocks will both work when the tutorial asks you to go with a feed movement to X123 Y234.
G01 X123 Y234
3. You should never write F, S or other codes when not asked to do so. We fill in these codes for you so that you can focus on G-codes, M-codes, and coordinates.
4. While you are running the tutorial, the program blocks will be sent to the CNC editor, so that you can study and simulate the program after completing the tutorial.
5. If you want to end the tutorial prematurely, you can click on the stop button below the 3D view.
6. Coordinates that we ask you to enter are either in steps of five or steps of 10 (5,10,15,20,25 etc.). No other values or decimals are used in our exercises unless clearly specified.
7. All simulator tutorials are in millimeters.