Update on Recent Website Downtime and Service Continuity

Dear CNC Simulator Pro Users,

We would like to address a recent situation concerning our website and provide you with an update on the services.

Website Downtime: Recently, our website experienced an unexpected downtime due to issues with our hosting provider, GearHost. This outage lasted for three days and primarily affected our website’s accessibility.

Service Continuity: We want to reassure you that during this period, our backup server was fully operational. This meant that you could still start and use the CNC Simulator Pro software without interruption. We understand the critical role our services play in your operations, and we were committed to ensuring that our core software functionality remained unaffected.

Our Response: Our team worked diligently with GearHost to resolve the website issue and restore access as quickly as possible. We are also actively exploring alternative hosting solutions to prevent such occurrences in the future and to enhance the overall reliability of our services.

Future Measures: We are currently in discussions with GearHost to understand the root cause of this outage and to implement measures that meet the high service standards you expect from us. We are dedicated to improving and ensuring the stability and reliability of all aspects of our services, including our website.

Your Support and Understanding: We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by the website downtime. Your patience and support during this time have been invaluable. We are taking all necessary steps to reinforce our infrastructure and prevent such issues from happening in the future.

We are grateful for your continued trust in CNC Simulator Pro and are here to support you with high-quality services. Thank you for being an integral part of our community.

Warm regards,

The CNC Simulator Pro Team