It is here! Version Beta.

We are proud to release our new version of the famous CNCSimulator Pro software. A lot of features have been added, issues have been fixed, new machines have been added, G-codes have been added and stability has been improved.

Some of the new stuff:

  • New machine: 3D Printer
  • New machine: Water Jet
  • New machine: Laser cutter
  • New machine: Plasma cutter
  • Full 3D buffer for milling from the side of the workpiece
  • Improved program settings
  • New “Inventory Browser” for user created workpieces, tools, materials and zero offsets
  • New insert function from the Inventory Browser
  • Improved simulation speed
  • Helix interpolations
  • Faster start-up
  • Improved license handling
  • Added G-codes for plane selection G17 – G19
  • Added G4 dwell
  • Added generic drill/boring/tapping cycles
  • New function that shows the command help when mouse is over a G or M-code
  • Improved “Make program portable” function
  • New Comment and Uncomment function
  • New Create CNC Header function
  • New $-command for swapping the lathe workpiece in the chuck
  • Possibility to mix embedded tools and workpieces with user defined ones
  • More and better samples and demos

And a lot more…

Download today!