Portable CNC code

What is it and why do I need it?


Well, as you know, programs that use local settings like zero points, tools and workpieces will not run well on another computer because the settings there will probably be very different. If you want to send a program to a friend, you need to make it portable first. Same goes if you want to send a program you want to discuss with us at CncSimulator.com. Maybe you have made a very cool demo and want to send it to us so we can include it as a sample? (Please do).

With the latest version ( it is possible to make programs portable by using the menu function Tools – Make program portable.

What the function does it that it creates a sub program with tools, zero points and workpieces definitions. Instead of using your local settings when running, the CncSimulator will use the tools, zero points and workpieces defined in the sub program.

The sub program is sort of “ugly” as it is full of strange CncSimulator specific commands. That’s why we hide it away at the end of the program to not distract the user. Feel free to move other CncSimulator specific command that you use to the subprogram too. This will give your CNC program a clean look with all “strange stuff” collected in the sub program. The function will automatically add a call to the sub program in the first row. The sub program number will always be 9999 so avoid that number if you plan to make your program portable.

Please note that this function currently only works for milling programs.