Upcoming Update: Improved License Management for Enhanced Stability

Hello CNC Simulator Pro community,

We’re constantly striving to improve your experience, and one area we’ve focused on recently is license management. We’ve heard your feedback and are excited to share what’s coming in our next update.

The Issue

Some of you have faced challenges with our current license management system, especially after updating Windows or changing your network adapter. The digital fingerprint used for licensing can sometimes get affected, causing unnecessary hiccups.

The Solution

We are revamping our license management system to create digital fingerprints based on more stable parameters. This means that your license will be recognized consistently, even if you update Windows or swap out your network adapter.

What This Means for You

Once this update rolls out, you can expect a more seamless user experience. Your license will be more resilient to system changes, minimizing disruptions and letting you focus on what you do best—working with CNC.

Stay Tuned

This enhancement will be part of our next update, so keep an eye on our blog for the official announcement. Your continued support and feedback make these improvements possible, and we can’t wait for you to experience this new level of stability.

Until then, happy CNC’ing!