New version is coming up!

We are currently beta testing our next release of the worlds most popular CNC simulator.
This version contains a lot of bug fixes, improvements and tweaks enabled by the feedback we have collected from you guys.

Here is a list with updates so far. Stay tuned for the release date!


Version 3.1

Fixed problem with absolute centers in lathes.
Fixed problem with 2D view + lathes + R-arcs + abs center.
Fixed problem with turning cycles with certain contours.
Fixed issue with mill drilling cycle in incremental mode.
Implemented U and W positive/negative direction for G71.
Fixed bug with inches + tool reg + radius comp. Values were read as mm.
Fixed crash in SimCam when drawing guide circle followed by guide line and start pos.
Fixed issue with last G00 Z when postprocessing with a stock mtrl with non zero Z origin.
Deleted last unnecessary Z movement in the milling PP.
Fixed: Analyze function did not see tool changes when M6 was not used.
Disabled error for T0 tool calls.
Added alarm for arcs with incorrect endpoint.
Fixed crash when a firewall blocked traffic to
Added keyboard shortcut ALT – U to open user CNC files.
Fixed some problems with the Analyze function (NaN values).
Changed the embedded PP for turning and milling so that F and S are reset at each tool change.
Fixed formatting problems for some G76 parameters in the turning PP.
Fixed formatting problems for $AddDefinedPart in cultures that uses decimal comma.
Changed the standard milling PP so that outputs T instead of DT (using $ReadTasDefinedTool).
Changed the Analyze function so that T0 does not count as a tool change.
Fixed a bug in the milling PP script regarding zero points.
Fixed Image Maker errors with file paths containing spaces.
Added Translate CNC code function.
Fixed problem with Heidenhain arcs in 2D view.
Fixed problems with Image Maker in cultures using decimal comma.
Fixed problem with Heidenhain arcs + inches + 2D-view.
Fixed error “Window could not be resized” at start.
Swapped M00 and M01. They where incorrect defined before. Now M01 is optional stop.
Added new $-commands to create stock material and tools at run-time.
Fixed problem with rough cut cycle, when it “missed” the programmed contour it went to -1000.
Fixed problem with DPI scaling on high-res monitors with non 100% dpi setting.