Version 2.0 Beta is here!

We are excited to release the beta version of CNCSimulator Pro Ver 2.0. Make sure you download it and test out all new cool features.

Here are some of the new features the update brings:

  • A new tool called “Gear Maker” for creating gears in SimCam.
  • A new CNC Analysis tool for getting information about your CNC code.
  • “3D Maker”, a new tool for creating toolpaths from 3D STL files.
  • Serial Terminal for direct communication with project boards like Arduino.
  • New command $RotateWorkpiece to rotate the workpiece.
  • Machine Info under “Machine Info and Codes”.
  • New G75 grooving cycle for lathes.
  • Indicator in the editor that shows the last executed block.
  • New feature: “Simulate from cursor” to allow to start simulation anywhere in the program.
  • New machines, like for example a 4-axis milling machine.
  • New commands to create lathe and milling tools on the fly.
  • New $Color command to color surfaces in milling machines.
  • Quick simulation, super fast simulation.
  • Fanuc style U,V and W incremental code words.
  • Improved G70 and G71 cycles in lathes.
  • One-block G71 cycle.
  • A function to save lathe workpieces as milling workpieces, so a project can be machined in both a lathe and a milling machine.
  • A special function to easily create tutorials for trainers.
  • $Cutting command in lathes to programmatically look inside the part.
  • Arc Calculator to create G02/G03 arcs with ease.
  • Polar Coordinates calculator.
  • Corner fillet and chamfer calculator.
  • Feeds and Speeds calculator.
  • Snapshot function.

And much more…

Download and get more information here.

Version 2.0 preview!

We are working on in-house beta testing of the new version 2.0. It is full of exciting new features! This video shows the most important ones.

Version 2.0 Preview

No release date yet. But stay tuned for updates.