We have optimized and improved the simulation speed on the new beta version Depending on your computer hardware, simulations can now go up to 500% faster! This is especially true if you have a dedicated graphics card with good performance.
The video below shows a demonstration, comparing speed between the previous version and the coming It also compares speed on two computers with and without a good graphics card.


New version coming up!


New version coming up. CncSimulator Pro Version Beta will bring:

  • More stable performance
  • Bug fixes
  • Improved main menu with keyboard shortcuts to most common commands
  • Text Milling
  • Drilling along contours
  • Guide objects editing
  • Undo and Redo

And more…

New version out

We have just released version beta.

It is a small update that contains several important bug fixes. Please update today for a more stable version.

There are also some minor news:

New Simulation Menu with keyboard shortcuts to simulation commands.


New Edit Menu with keyboard shortcuts and a new Find And Replace function.



Prefabricated workpieces

Did you know that you can add workpieces of your own design to your workpiece registry? They do not have to be rectangular blocks. In this short clip, we will use SimCam to make a tube that can be used as a prefabricated workpiece.

Lathe tools example DXF files

Lathe machine users, look here.

We have added a folder called “Tool Files” to the root folder of your CncSimulator Pro Version installation. This folder contains cutter and holder DXF files for our embedded turning tools. Feel free to use them when creating your own turning tools. You should be able to edit them with most DXF compatible CAD tools. We have created them with CadStd, they have a free version at:

Here is an example of creating tool number 1 (all values should be in millimeters even though you are using an inch machine as they will be automatically scaled to inches).