A Word of Caution


SimCam is made for making CNC programs for the virtual machines in the CncSimulator Pro only. They may or may not be compatible with physical CNC machines. It is your responsibility to make sure the program is 100% correct before running it on a real machine. We do not guarantee that the CNC program is correct or fits your machine and we take no responsibility for damage or accidents caused by running the CNC code outside of the simulator environment.

The SimCam is a first beta and not yet stable. This means that it can crash at any moment resulting in loss of work. To make sure you do not lose your work, save your SimCam drawings often.


License collisions

What to do when you get a message that your petrol mail has been sent to an email address that is not owned by you?
In rare occasions, the ID of your computer is the same as the ID if another computer. We call this “license collisions”. When it happens, you will not be able to receive your petrol code because it is being sent to another user. 

Version brings a solution to this problem.

When you get the message that your license has expired, there will be a message box asking you if you want to open the settings. Answer Yes.

At the bottom of the settings dialog, there is a field called “License extension”.


Click on “Generate” to create an extension to your computer ID making it unique.
At next start, you will be asked to register your license from scratch.

New version out!

CncSimulator Pro Beta Ver is here! Go to the download section on the CncSimulator.com page to download. Automatic update will be released later, so at the moment you have to download and install manually. Check out the online help for tutorials to get you started with this new version and SimCam.

What’s new in version beta:

  • SimCam 2.5D CAM system.
  • New faster and more stable editor.
  • Pause points in editor.
  • Popup help menus for G, M (and more) commands in editor.
  • Collapsable regions in editor.
  • Various bugs fixed.
  • Added folder with turning DXF tools to make it easier to create own tools.
  • Fixed (?) and updated the online help.
  • Added “License Extension” to avoid license collisions.
  • Added Block Numbering function to editor.

At the moment, you can have a look in the online help for two tutorials on SimCam and also under “CNC Editor” for information on changes in the editor. We will add tutorials and videos as well as online help additions soon.
We will also like to inform you that parts of the CncSimulator and the SimCam system will be enabled only for paying customers in the final release. Still yet to be decided.

Keep sending us bug reports, issues, wishes and suggests. Even though we cannot answer you all, we always listen!

No more login for petrol

Dear CncSimulator User,
We will soon release the new version with SimCam. We also want to let you know that we have skipped the site login for the petrol station as a measure to make the process more user-friendly. From now on, there is no need to create any user account on the site other than if you want to post on the user forum.