Open and close doors

Here is a tips about two M-codes we have forgot to put in the help file (will be added later).

M20 Open machine doors
M21 Close machine doors

Of course, they only work on machines that have doors! 😉
Have fun!

Enlarge font

Do you for some reason need to enlarge the text in the CncSimulator Editor? Do this by right clicking the text editor area and select “Options”. Then select “Fonts and Colors” and set any font size you need. At the moment it is not possible to save the setting though.


New advanced 2D view (ver

We are proud to present our new completely rewritten 2D view! Now you can analyze your toolpath by just hovering the mouse over it. The object under the mouse pointer will highlight and information about the object (G00/01 lines, G2/G3 arcs, drill holes etc.) will pop up. You can also locate the corresponding block by just clicking the object. Cool eh?