New dialog

We have added a new open machine dialog to version It makes it faster and easier to choose machine and at the same time load a demo CNC program if you wish. 


CncSimulator in your language

CncSimulator pro dans votre langue
CncSimulator pro en su idioma
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CncSimulator pro nella tua lingua
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CncSimulator pro no seu idioma


Version brings localized strings. This means it is now pretty easy to add new languages. We invite you to contact us at if you want to help with a translation to your language.


New feature in Ver

Several users have wished for a way to be able to lift the workpiece up in the air, as if it were suspended in an invisible clamp. We have listened and added the feature to this version. It may look a bit strange with workpieces hanging in the air but we feel it is overkill to design different kind of graphical clamp devices at this point. So let’s just say we have added a nice antigravity feature to the CncSimulator Pro. I bet your CNC machine does not have that!

image image

To list the workpiece above the table, specify the height as the forth parameter in the $AddRegPart command. 


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