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Here we are posting information about updates of our software and site as well as tips and tricks. Stay tuned for the latest news.


As we are getting close to releasing a public beta of version 4, we would like to thank our users for the great feedback. A special thanks go out to engineer Peter Schuurbiers at the CNC Instructie Buro in the Netherlands. His feedback and in-depth knowledge in CNC machining have been invaluable in making the simulator more realistic. Thanks to every one of you that has helped us make a better simulator!


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Links in the program

Several links in version 3.2 do no longer work because we have redesigned our website. Therefore we recommend that users go directly to our site and follow the links in the menu. We apologize for any inconvenience while we are transitioning to the new site.

Improved tool simulation

Version 4 brings a lot of improvements to the visual aspect of the milling tools. You can now define tools with more settings to create a realistic look. Tools can be either auto-modeled, basic cylinders, or external (obj) models.


New machines

Version 4 will bring many new machines models along with improved graphics. Textures, shadows, lighting, and reflections bring them to life thanks to our new graphics engine.




Turbo Simulator

Version 4 introduces a new feature called Turbo Simulator. It is for those long 3D surface milling programs where simulation in the standard view takes a lot of time. It is a bare-bones simulator without fancy things like machine models, shadows, materials, etc. Its only function is to simulate as fast as possible. The picture shows a simulation of a 19,000 blocks CNC program. It took under 3 seconds to run at max speed. If you only want to see the toolpaths, you can use the improved Fast Backplotting function.



New Website!

Now we have finally updated our website. If you find any problems like broken links or similar, please let us know. We hope you like the new modern design!

Version 4

We are currently working on version 4 of CNC Simulator Pro. It will have a modern graphical user interface, improved graphics, many new machines, and features. Time to get excited! Stay tuned for more info on this important milestone.